Thursday, 1 March 2012

Blue Eyes

A poem I wrote when I was a teenager, about my hero, my Daddy.

"Blue Eyes"
by Rachel Elizabeth Ayre

When I was young, my eyes were blue
They smiled and sparkled just like you
But recently, my eyes are grey
It's ever since you went away
From time to time, they shine light blue
And people say I look like you
If you were here, they'd shine so bright
And I would always sleep at night
As life goes on, I fall apart
A piece of soul, a piece of heart
These pieces fall and go astray
Please catch them when they float away
I sit alone and think of you
And all in life that you went through
Yet through it all, your eyes would shine
Please put the sparkle back in mine
My eyes can't smile, they only frown
My heart won't make the faintest sound
It beats when it has to, my heart won't strive
It only keeps going to keep me alive
One day in the future, my eyes will be blue
They'll smile and sparkle when I'm with you
My eyes will light up and I'll feel no pain
Just promise you'll never leave me again.


  1. Such a beautiful poem, I've seen this photo before. One of your favourites? ;) It's so cute <3

  2. Thanks gorgeous! Definitely one of my favourites, we both look so happy :)